I just began participating in a meditation challenge called Activating the Divine Feminine — The Path to Wholeness, with Deepak Chopra and Alicia Keyes. I am so excited and enthralled by this! It connects right to my soul, like there is this gap in me that was waiting for this exact thing.

Recently, as I have been working to develop a program for Moms who have children with addictions, I have been asking, what can I do to serve? How can I support these Moms? What do they want? What do they need? …


Have you ever considered that addiction is not a problem, but a solution? Someone has a problem, and they find a solution that works through a behaviour that gives them pleasure or relieves their pain or discomfort, and then they cannot stop. This makes sense, right? No one chooses to become an addict! In fact, most addicts would give anything not to be addicts, but to not be an addict means that they would have to live with the problem that first caused them to seek a solution. …


Today was Day 1 of the Own Your Future Challenge — a free five-day challenge hosted by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. Lately I have been challenged by my mind and have been struggling to progress toward my goals, so I thought Heh, why not join in? And I was there live.

I noticed right away that the energy in this event, even though it was virtual, was reminiscent of Tony’s live events. Have you ever been? There is no one who can keep you going all day and half the night with no meal or washroom breaks like Tony…

source: KW MAPS Coaching

Over a decade ago, when I unintentionally began my transformational journey, I had no idea of what I actually wanted! I knew that I needed to find the answers that would cure my daughter’s pain. I didn’t know what the pain was, just that she was suffering, and because of that, I was suffering. You know what I mean — when your child suffers deeply it is like a knife in your own heart. It feels like your heart is literally breaking.

I watched as my daughter’s pain progressed from sadness to hopelessness, and — I’ll be blunt — I…


Have you ever read the essay, I Want a Wife, by Judy (Syfers) Brady? This is a feminist satire that was written in 1970 and remains relevant even today. It’s both funny and tragic, being all about a working woman wanting a “wife” to do all the unpaid wifely things — things that families (men and children) typically have done for them by their moms/wives. While (traditionally) only a “privileged” man can have a wife, I know one thing for sure, I would love to have a wife!!

In 1997, I went back to college to study Women’s Studies (and…


I’m not going to investigate the number of times that Shanti Das (reporter with the Sunday Times) has written articles similar to the one published yesterday about Marisa Peer — articles in which she presents a biased argument that is disparaging to her subject. By “subject,” I mean a person who is just doing her/his thing, having success, building influence, and changing the world by making an impact and helping people. It’s not relevant or even interesting!

What is interesting is if we look back over the past several decades, we see a pattern. People who stand out, shatter the…


Today there was a scathing article about Marisa Peer in the Sunday Times (London), written by a reporter who clearly has no regard for her own reputation! How is credible, unbiased research conducted? Certainly not by interviewing a few competitors and a few disgruntled individuals and using inflammatory language, while disregarding any information that does in fact support the opposite of one’s thesis.

Shanti Das’s article is based on purely one-sided anecdotal tales and some claims (by a few competitors) that it is not backed by science. Das did not report on any interviews of the thousands of people who…


We all know that if we are going to be of any help to anyone else, we must first become healthy. And we also know that for the good of our health, we must eat healthy food! But what is healthy food? We are bombarded with conflicting information every day. In fact, we see thousands of food related images daily, most of them NOT good!

Today I learned some very interesting and alarming facts about foods that have caused my mind to be so grossed out that I surely will not eat them again. And this is a good thing…


This morning I was listening to a podcast called Momentum, and the speaker (Alex Charfen) said (I paraphrase) that many of us believe that at some point in the future, things will be easier and we won’t feel stretched beyond our comfort zone, challenged to accomplish things we don’t feel capable of, or as though we are pretending to be someone or something that we are not.

This podcast’s audience is entrepreneurs, but this message really applies to anyone. Who do you know that has everything in order and is no longer challenged or stretched or stepping into a role…


If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it, right? Actually, it may be simple, but it is not easy!

The first time I heard of this thing called a “financial thermometer” was in BOLD, the real estate training program that I mentioned in an earlier post called BE BOLD. Surprisingly, there is a significant amount of focus put on raising our financial thermometers in that program. …

Janet Le Camp

Janet is a mom who has been on a journey of personal development for over 10 years. Janet’s mission is to help other women like her to create a life by design.

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